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Pros and Cons of Dark Wood Floors

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Dark wood floors are trending for good reason. The deep, rich colors make a room feel inviting and warm. Whether you choose maple, oak, hickory, or walnut, you have multiple options when it comes to choosing the flooring for your home. A high-gloss dark floor can act like a mirror in your room, giving it a depth you can’t get with other colors. If you’re thinking of choosing a dark wood floor, you should know the advantages and disadvantages before making your final decision.

Pros of Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood tends to provide a more modern and elegant look than lighter wood floors. If you have a traditional home and want a darker floor, opt for a smaller plank width that isn’t so polished. This will show the wood grain more and give you a natural aesthetic.
Dark wood is less susceptible to fading because it absorbs light. This means you won’t have to refinish it as frequently as you would a lighter floor.
Dark wood shows the grain of the wood better than a lighter color. It can be a dramatic statement in any home, increasing the value of the home and the visual appeal.
Dark colors contrast better with a wide variety of colors. Brighter colors in your furniture and on your trim will “pop.”

Cons of Dark Wood Floors

Scratches are usually more visible in dark wood than in a lighter color. Make sure you add a scratch-resistant finish to the floor and use furniture pads for all movable pieces to protect from scratching.
Dirt and dust will show up more clearly on dark wood floors. A daily sweep with a dust mop can keep the floors cleaner. Have your family take off their shoes at the door so that less dirt and grime gets tracked in the house. Stick to a cleaning schedule. However, if you have a dark fur-colored pet, you may appreciate a darker floor more than a lighter floor.
Dark colored floors can make the room feel much smaller. You will want to make sure the walls are a much lighter color to offset the flooring.

Give Your Floors New Life

Dark wood floors can brighten up your dull home by adding contrast to your current design. The trick is to use neutrals and brighter colors higher up to balance out the darkness created on the floor. Don’t shy away from a dark wood floor because you’ve heard bad things about it. Use the Hardwood Wizard to discover your favorite flooring and color, then request a quote from us.