Maple Flooring

Making the right flooring choice for your home can be a challenge. While oak remains the most popular choice today, many others species are available that can give your home a truly signature look. Let’s talk about Maple as a flooring choice.

It’s fine, consistent grain provides a uniform appearance, and works well in both a contemporary or classic setting. Maple also offers strength and durability and is often used in the industry of musical instruments for the production of violins, violas, guitars and drums. Since maple takes stains beautifully, it provides nearly endless finish tones. In its natural state, maple is light brown color, with deeper shades of brown featuring reddish tints. Also a white, almost clear grade of maple wood also is available which can be quite striking.

Along with its beauty, maple is also an outstanding value as it is estimated that within twenty-five years the present supply of maple will be depleted to the point where maple wood will become as expensive as rare woods such as walnut. So consider Maple when choosing your hardwood floor, Maple’s lasting beauty offers a unique style that will remain durable for years to come.

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