Oak Hardwood Flooring: Top 4 Thing to Consider

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When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, you cannot go wrong with oak. Oak flooring is one of the most popular flooring options out there. Many varieties of oak are available to choose from with an array of styles, grades and dimensions. If you are considering oak for your hardwood floors, here are the top four things we tell our customers.

Oak is Durable

Because oak is hard wearing, it has been a top choice in the building trade for centuries. Oak holds up well to high-traffic areas, but like any hardwood flooring can sustain dings and scratches over time. If the surface acquires a “used” look,” you don’t have to replace it – you can simply refinish it to restore a like-new appearance!

Oak is Versatile

Oak is not only versatile, it’s beauty can also stand the test of time. You can choose white oak or red, finished, unfinished, solid hardwood, or engineered planks. You can also have your pick of stains, finishes and plank widths. Oak improves in appearance with age so your floor will look richer adding more warmth to your home.

Oak is Affordable

As well as being popular, oak flooring is also one of the more affordable options. It is a harder species of wood so it provides stability and durability, often your investment in this hardwood floor can last a lifetime.

Oak is Stable

Oak is one of the most stable flooring options available. Stability is a key factor in geographical areas with drastic humidity swings from season to season like Rochester and Western NY. We recommend using humidifiers in the winter and air conditioning with dehumidifying the basement in the summer to help control the expansion and contraction of your hardwood floorings. Since white oak is denser than red oak, it won’t expand and contract quite as much.

When it comes to hardwood flooring, your final choice really comes down to your personal preference. Oak flooring is a gorgeous option, which is commonly loved by all. If you’re still not sure if it’s right for you, visit our Hardwood Wizard to quiz yourself on general hardwood flooring options.

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