How to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors: Tips from the Experts

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A hardwood floor can last decades if it is well cared for throughout the years. But let’s face it, kids, pets, foot traffic and general wear and tear can dull the sheen and sparkle. Floor refinishing is the sort of home improvement project that will refresh a space like none other. Years or decades of scratches, scuff marks, gouges, and random stains can be sanded and polished away so your floor essentially looks as good as new. Best yet, if you are looking for a whole new look, a different color stain can give your entire room a facelift.

How often hardwood floors need to be refinished depends in large part on how much wear and maintenance the floors receive. However, with a little tender loving care on a routine basis, your hardwood floors will serve you well for years to come, all while looking great and adding warmth and charm to your home. If you don’t have hardwood floors but are considering making the investment, research the different types, finishes and styles that are available to you. Also, learn about the difference between solid and engineered floors. Hardwood floors will increase the value and appeal of a home both at point of sale and in the meantime for your family to enjoy.

View the step by step tutorial in our video to get tips on refinishing your hardwood floor. If you’d like help or recommendations, contact the experts at Harman Hardwood Flooring company in Rochester, NY, to learn more.