How to Clean & Maintain Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are special not only for their look and durability, but also because they are easy to clean. While hardwood flooring brings uniqueness and beauty to your home, it can take a beating between daily wear and tear from everyone living in your home, including our four-legged friends. From getting spilled on, walked on, having mud and dirt tracked all over it, danced on, sat on and jumped on. However, with proper care and maintenance, your hardwood floor can last a lifetime.

To keep you floors in tip top shape, we recommend that you take your shoes off at the door. When you walk on wooden floors with dirty shoes, you are leaving lots of mud, dirt and sand behind. These abrasive particles can dull the finish and damage your floors. Another good rule of thumb is to keep throw rugs at doorways to help prevent debris from being tracked in and scratching the floor.

While hardwood is a durable flooring option, cleaning and care are key to maintenance. Keep water off of them, wipe up stains immediately and avoid using harsh cleaners and even vinegar that may strip the finish, causing the wood to dull over time.

For more cleaning tips to help keep your floor looking speculator, watch the video to learn.